Reusable Bamboo Towel

  • $12.00
  • Save $17.99

  • Made from 100% natural bamboo fibre
  • Ultra-absorbent holds up to 10 x more liquid than paper
  • Super-strong, holds up to 10kg in weight
  • Anti-bacterial so no more stale smells and germs
  • Saves you money, reuse each towel up to 80 TIMES!
  • Eco-friendly, saves buying mountains of paper towels
  • Tougher than paper, won’t fall apart with hard scrubbing



Super-absorbent reusable bamboo fibre kitchen towels

Mighty Bamboo Towels are the next generation in kitchen towels, putting all paper towels in the shade on so many levels! They’re made from 100% planet-friendly bamboo fibre that’s a sustainable resource and is biodegradable. Mighty Bamboo Towels are as kind to the planet as they are tough on kitchen spills, stains and mess. 

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, so they won’t smell stale and dirty like sponges and cloths do after use, and all the germs that can collect and be spread over your surfaces are never a problem. Mighty Bamboo Towels are super-absorbent and super-strong, they can absorb a huge amount of liquid in one go and be wrung out again to reuse immediately. Best of all, they’re machine-washable so each towel can be used, washed and USED AGAIN UP TO 80 TIMES! Just imagine the enormous number of landfill-clogging paper kitchen rolls you would go through by the time you’ve been through just one roll of Mighty Bamboo Towels! 

Made from 100% natural bamboo fibre

When it comes to absorbent fibres you can’t beat the natural qualities of bamboo. Each fibre has a unique elliptical profile, creating a greater surface area and allowing liquids to be drawn up into the fabric easier and in far greater volumes. This means that Mighty Bamboo Towels will absorb up to 10 TIMES as much as a paper towel. Bamboo fibre’s shape also makes it far tougher than paper as each fibre is long and strong, forming a woven surface rather than the loose, short fibre particles of paper, so it can hold up 10kg of weight and be wrung out to nearly dry and used again and again! 

Saves you money, reuse each towel up to 80 TIMES!

When you add up the amount you spend on paper kitchen towels over a year it’s a major expense. We reach for kitchen towels all day and go through a mountain of paper that needs to be paid for in terms of both money and its effect on the landfill when we throw it away. Mighty Bamboo Towels can be washed with your normal laundry and reused up to 80 TIMES! Just one sheet could last weeks, even months, when you might have already worked your way through half a dozen entire rolls of the paper equivalent. 

Not just for wet stains and spills

Because of the naturally soft texture of bamboo fibre, Mighty Bamboo Towels can be used for all manner of dry applications around your home, like polishing and buffing surfaces, cleaning glass without leaving lint behind and even wrapping food to take away with you, to then be used as a napkin!