Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder, Universal Fit Car Accessory

  • $23.89
  • Save $20

Why do you need a car phone holder?

  • Short car holder is not convenient
  • Operation navigation dangerous
  • No place for video?


  • Flexible and Wide Serviceability
  • Suitable for multiple locations in the car, you can put it on the window, the co-pilot, centre panel table and so on.
  • Better viewing angle with 360?? rotating ball, 270?? adjustable arm and 5.3 inch extendable arm.
  • Stable as mountain with reusable sticky suction cup which offers powerful grip
  • Suitable for 4 to 6.4 inch devices with auto locking button

How to use:

1. Place it on a smooth surface, and press the lock

2. Loose the stress lock to change fixing position

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