8-in-1 Universal Angularizer Ruler

  • $15.99
  • Save $14


Are you the DIYer that loves working on wood work or even tiling? This Angler Ruler is perfectly designed for any task that requires awkward measurements! Whether you are new at working on projects around the home or a seasoned professional, this tool is perfect for the job. Extremely durable and portable for the work at hand. No project that needs precise measurements should go without this one!

Now we have two versions of the Universal Angularizer Ruler, different options are different in price.

A. Made of durable plastic, color yellow,15.99 USD.

B. Fully metal components, color black, made of Aluminum, 20.99 USD.

The AMENITEE 8-in-1 Universal Angularizer Ruler will help you complete numerous home projects in no time. With the AMENITEE 8-in-1 Universal Angularizer Ruler, you can measure awkward and hard to trace angles become effortlessly. This remarkable tool handles all sorts of measurements easily- including plumb cuts, radius cuts, bulls eyes


Main Features:

  • It slides and locks into any desired angle to save you time on repetitive measurements. The four-sided ruler mechanism slides and locks into any desired angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications.
  • Great for brick, stone, tile, lumber, laminate and any other material!
  • Create layouts in tile, brick, stone, lumber, laminate and more! The ruler is handy for creating bull eyes, arches, plumb cuts and any project you can think of.
  • Made of fiberglass-filled nylon, the Domom is tough & durable to outlast any job, yet light and compact enough to be easily portable.

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