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he NightRide™ Glasses is a wraparound anti-glare glasses that eliminates dangerous glare from bright headlamps of other vehicles and brightens up your vision allowing you to drive safely without getting an eye strain. Specially developed using coated yellow lenses that functions specifically to block glare causing wavelengths yet increasing contrast and brightness.
  • Get instant clearer and brighter vision during your evening drive
  • Turn dull, fuzzy and strained into bright, clear and relaxed driving
  • Turn down the stress levels when driving for long hours at night during road trips
  • The NightRide™ Glasses is stylishly designed to be worn like normal glasses or on top of your prescription frames making it convenient for use at any time of the day
The NightRide™ Glasses features:
  • Reduces road glare from head-lights
  • Increase brightness during low-light hours
  • Reduce eye-strain for relaxed driving
  • Wear on top of your standard frames
  • Or just wear by themselves

Nightride™ Helps You Avoid Traffic Dangers and Stay Safe!

  • Recent studies show that, although only 10% of car traffic takes place at the night, about 48% of car accidents take place at that time. One of the main causes is lower visibility during the night than during the day.
  • The special lenses of Nightride™ were initially invented to help drivers who participated in 24h Le Mans Race. Their positive feedback led to selling these glasses to the public.
  • Since road safety is important, special night-time lenses are a must-have investment for any driver.

Get Rid of Headlights That Blinds You & Enjoy the Pleasures of Driving!

Nightride™ was specially designed to highlight contrast in any situation and eliminate the whitish colours that causes tiredness and falling asleep, so the vision becomes clearer, and the yellow colour gives a warm feeling of comfort while driving.

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